The Costa del sol has a good selection of beaches ranking from long stretches of sand to tiny pebbled coves depending on the area. None of the beaches are particularly wide and the tide never really goes out more than a couple of metres except on windy or stormy days. Most municipal beaches are cleaned daily from March to the end of September and some localities clean their beaches all year round.

Lifeguard services are available on many beaches during July, August and part of September and some localities have teams of beach patrollers walking the beaches as well. Outdoor showers are available on many beaches and some have toilets, showers and changing facilities.

Beaches are very busy in the summer months, particularly on Sundays when local families flock to the beach together with plenty of relations, huge tents, food for thousands and tonnes of equipment. It’s not uncommon to see tables laid with a tablecloth, cutlery, plates and glasses with a television and /or radio near by. These families arrive at around noon and pack up late in the evening. On the other hand, many beaches are almost deserted in the autumn and winter months when you can walk for miles and sunbathe in peace.

Malaga’s beaches are concentrated on the east side of the city where the Playa de la Malagueta , Los Baños del Carmen and the Playa del Palo are situated. The sand is grey and occasionally there are problems with pollution from the nearby port but in general the beaches are well-maintained and clean.

Nudism is generally not officially permitted on beaches on the Costa del Sol except on the beaches listed below. On a few other beaches the authorities may turn a blind eye, but bear in mind that if you go nude on a beach where nudism isn’t officially permitted, you risk problems with the police if other people on the beach complain. Going topless on beaches is permitted and is quite common. Although some beach clubs don´t allow it.

Official Nudist Beaches are:

In Estepona. Arroyo Vaquero/Costa Natura.
Marbella. Artola-Cabopino.
Benalmadena. Benalnatura, Ctra de Cádiz Km. 218
Torre del Mar. Almavate-bajamar