Moriles is known for the excellent wines produced in the whitish hills of Los moriles Altos. The traveller is advised to take vineyard, winery and cuisine tours that have as their common link wine and its culture.

If he performs the tours and pays attention to the flavours, fragrances and colours he will be properly prepared to witness the Wine Tasting that is held the last weekend of September.

A few days later the Grape Hervest Festival is celebrated and has been designated as of National Tourist Interest, and a little after that the fair in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary in October. The purpose of this wine tasting is the diffusion of wine culture and in it are sampled the exquisite wines of this region. But there is more than wine in Moriles. On 16 july the Tomato Fiesta is held a traditional street sampling of salted tomatoes during the procession of the Virgen del Carmen.