Alhamilla Baths – Pico Colativi

TIME: 4 h. aprox.

We start leaving Sierra Alhamilla country estate northwards through the Barranco del Rey without a track until reaching the top of a hill, leaving an old mine on the left.

When we get to the hill there is the Pico del Puntal, 1,287 m. high, of easy ascent and with a wide view of the Tabernas desert.

Then from this peak we will walk down eastwards in order to do the Sierra Alhamilla trekking route.

Walking on along the edge we shall arrive at the Sierra 1,365 m. high, from where Pico Colativi can be seen and the track which goes to its top, as well as the view of the desert and the sea.

Finally we shall walk on along a track towards Colativi, from where a complete view of Níjar countryside, covered in plastic and moonshaped can be seen.