Laujar de Andarax was the final residence of Boabdil the last king of Granada descended from Yusuf Ben Nazar. In these lands, Aben Humeya was also proclaimed king and assassinated years later. Entertain yourself with the history of this whitewashed Alpujarra village with its hillsides and numerous fountains scattered through the village next to its old houses of the nobility.

To visit Laujar de Andarax is to get to know its wines including its famous cava, the sparkling wine of Andalusia that like the rest of its delicious hams…With the stomach suitably fortified the Lajuar climate permits such diverse activities as camping, horseback or bicycle rides in the natural areas of cerro del almirez, barranco del Horcajo, El Palomar de la Majadahonda or around the headwaters of the River Andarax.

You will find lodging ranging from the typical rural house of the Alpujarra to the traditional and comfortable tourist villa and even campgrounds.

In the tourist villa it is also possible to arrange tourist trips by foot, horseback or all-terrain vehicles to explore the Sierra Nevada or Sierra Gador.