In the heart of Andalusia nestled in orchards and embraced by the mountains, Priego de Córdoba presents itself to the traveller wrapped in the fragrance of mountains and olive trees.

A stroll through its narrow and winding white streets, filled with flowers and in perfect harmony, calms the traveller´s soul, even more so when he lets himself wander through the La Villa neighbourhood, through which he must pass to reach the road that will lead him to the Priego de Córdoba Castle, an Arab military fortress whose Torre de la Homenaje is one of the best preserved towers in Spain.

When you have finished go to the Carnicerias REales, a former sixteenth century slaughterhouse, and the Fuente del Rey fountain, one of the most outstanding monuments because of its 139 spouts. An excellent time to tour these monuments is during the May Fiestas when parties are celebrated in the streets every Sunday to give thanks for sparing Priego from the plague or the third Sunday in June in order to attend the Virgin de las Cabezas pilgrimage.