Cazalla de la Sierra lies in the middle of the Sierra morena de Sevilla Nature Park and is an ideal place to relax or practice adventure sports in close contact with nature. Also in case you are travelling with children, Cazalla has the El Remolino school farm where an understanding of and closeness to nature and the rural environment, with active participation in learning encourages children’s respect for the environment and tolerance in their design with others. You can sleep in the Tourist Villas and at a former silver smelter – later a lye factory-you can camp with tents and enjoy the Camping installations, as well as wander through the gallery forest or fish in the river. Another possibility might be in the La Cartuja hostelry. Many hiking trails await you, excursions to visit the hermitages of nuestra Señora del Monte, El Martinete, the reservoir of El Pintado, the isla Margarita…, learning rock climbing in the mountain school of Cerro del Hierro, travelling various routes by horseback or visiting the Santiago Caves, which have a lake that is navigable with a rubble boat and cave diving equipment, but only on certain dates with a permit.

In some vacations what one wants to do is feel in contact with nature, practice all kinds of adventure sports in areas of incalculable environmental value and witness long-entrenched Andalusia-flavoured fiestas and traditions such as the Carnival, the floral games in June the May crosses or the procession of the Virgen del Carmen. There will also be no shortage of monuments to see in your passage through this picturesque village. Awaiting you are the former convents of San Agustin and San Francisco, the church of Nuestra Señora de la consolación, the church of Nustra Señora del Carmen, the convent church of Madre de Dios, the church of the former convent of Santa Clara or the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Monte.

But what will most impress you is the Cartuja of Cazalla, the complex has been restored and conditioned in modern times in such a way that you can appreciate the different departments of the monastery; kitchens, refectories, lesser cloister, cells…Other quarters that surround the monastery are the orchard, the olive oil mill and the turtle pool, next to the Sacramento Chapel.