Sierra del Pozo. Puerto Llano – Tiscar

Time: 4 hours.

Along the route which leads to Puerto Llano from the Herrerías bridge and makes its way to Pozo Alcón we shall find Cabañas peak on the left and on the right there is a hill some metres below our actual height, which about 1 km. farther is called Nava Alta del Espino. Descending through this second gorge there is and old, narrow track which on the left leads to Tiscar.

Tiscar´s gorge, we shall descend between the Royal hillock and the Cagasebo hillock, both very steep, sorrounding Tiscar town. Thus we shall arrive at a big hill with a track round it on both slopes which lead to Tiscar town. The left slope is shorter and more entertaining. After having walked pasr some houses, we shall arrive at Tiscar.