Open your eyes and experience the climatic moments of the pilgrimage, such as the arrival of the pilgrims with their brotherhoods to the village, the presentation to the Hermandad Matriz de Almonte, the Mass of the Pentecost, rosary services in the Plaza Doñana and the “jumping of the fence” by the Almonte residents which begins the procession of the Virgin through the streets of the village.

Careful, though unless you are from Almonte don’t try to jump the fence that surrounds the Virgen del Rocio hermitage when the image is brought out by the villagers.

The time of the procession depends on the patience of the residents of Almonte in jumping the fence in the late night hours of Sunday until Monday. After the jumping, a procession of more than 14 hours duration is held in which the Virgin passes from shoulder to shoulder and in which the Almonte residents repeat the same ritual: they approach the Virgen del Rocio as close as the standard with an image of the Simpecado insignia that is carried by each brotherhood at which moment the priest repeats a Salve Regina.