Sierra de Aracena. Linares – Aracena through the Molinilla

Time: 4 hours.

At the beginning of the route HU-6, along the track by Linares river bank, there is a bridge to our left wich leads to La Molinilla river bank. The track runs on between walls and is well-preserved, dotted with stones until reaching another bridge, where it branches off into two tracks wich we shall take to the left. After a steep slope upwards, the track makes its way among meadows where the Iberian hog is abundant.

Up on our left there is an old mine and a forest track to the left. After walking on downwards along it we shall arrive at the aforementioned river bank, flanked on both sides by elm trees covered in ivy.

Walking on up the river bank to where its source can be found, we shall find another track which leads to Aracena.