Sierra de Grazalema, simancon
Time: Seven hour.

We shall leave Grazalema by the road leading to el Bosque. When we arrive at the camping site we shall leave the road and take a steep lane leading up to a hill. The lane runs below the Peñon el Grande (Bid Rock), a good climbing spot. Once on the hilltop we shall see for the first time the Simancon.

Now we shall cross a flat area with some crumbling walls and continue walking up through a lane for about 1 km. At that pont we shall leave the lane and turn to the left (there is no track from now on), heading for El Reloj.

Walking through the lowest part of the valley we shall arrive at a flat and almost barren area, where we shall climb the left slope towards the peak of El Reloj, 1.535 m high.

Walking around teh peak we shall the descent towards a plateay full of potholes and big rocks. The plateay is set within a valley through which we shall arrive at the slope leading to Simancon, 1.561 m high.

This mountain should be climbed down by its northeastern slope.

Remarks. Grazalema is the name of the village, the Reserve and the Sierra. The village is picturesque, with spotless narrow streets, of cobblestone and traditional mountain little houses. It boasts the church of San Juan, built on the site of an old arab morque, and the church of San José, which keeps interesting pictures. Grazalema has adequate accommodation facilites and an important industry of handycraits.