This is the original Moorish centre of the town. Its narrow, winding streets and small squares, the traditional lime facing of its walls and the colours of its flowers takes you back to another age.

A cliff edge forming a natural balcony which used to be used for the defence of the town, and which looks out over the peaceful Andalusian countryside.

“La Torre del Homenaje” in Priego´s castle has been declared a national monument and has excellent views from its high walls

One of the most outstanding features of Priego de Córdoba is the Carni cerias Reales (a former slaughterhouse) Its beautiful façade is in the mannerist style, and inside you will find a galleried patio, and a beautiful stone, spiral staircase.

The town’s most emblematic national monument, and without doubt its crowning glory, made up of 3 pools and surrounded by 139 fountain heads with a continual flow of water.

In the same local square as the Fuente del Rey this is also a national monument, with a frontpiece in the mannerist style.