Montemayor spreads along the slope of a hill dominated by its Mudejar castle and since it sits on a communications bottleneck that links all the bordering provinces ( Granada, Seville and Malaga) you can stop and visit its beautiful historic centre.

You will see the Frías ducal castle and the hermitages of Vera Cruz , San Sebastian, Jesus Nazareno and San José but one of the obligatory visits is to the Silver Museum located in the parish church of La Asunción. The silver pieces preserved in the interior are the property of the church and date from the sixteenth century.

The other visit should be to tha many fountains to be found through the municipality, which will refresh and invigorate you. Like the typical Cordoba village it is, it celebrates the Pilgrimage of San isidro on 15 may and among the many activities the float parade is outstanding. If you like Saetas come to Cuatro Esquinas on Good Friday at noon and hear how they are to Jesus of Nazareth. Afterwards look for a wine cellar and sample a good wine.