Sierra Nevada – Fiñana – Cerro de la cumbre – Cerro del Almirez

TIME: 9 h. aprox.

We start living Fiñana town towards Granada.Then the road comes to a crossroads in which we´ll take to the left. A bit farther, we must take a track to the right. This track goes into the mountain range, leading to the Ubeire shelter.

Then we shall reach the Vereda del Collado Aldeire, situated amongst gullies and rivers, with a forest planted with pines and evergreen oaks. This shelter offers a good perspective of peaks to be climbed.

Once we reach the farmhouse we shall walk on the east in order to get to the floor of the Capitana. If we choose walking on down by the first track to the right, we shall arrive at the same place.

When we get there, we shall walk along a fire break on the Loma de la Cruz, a trace which leads to the Cerro de la Cumbre, more than 2,488 m. high, from which we can watch at the double summit of the Cerro del Almirez.