This town in the Córdoba countryside boats both of having the greatest number of olive oil mills in the world and of its designation as a collective historic and artistic site for the great number of homes of the nobility whose façades show the lineage of their former owners.

There are two other true treasures: La Asuncion Church with its tower and the Castillo-Alcazaba fortress. Aside from its numerous monumental offering, Bujalance also celebrates a colourful fiesta. In April, the pilgrimage of San isidro is celebrated, although the Holy Week or the Fair might be more interesting. One of the most distinctive of the Holy Week institutions in Bujalance dates from the nineteen forties: the Roman Empire, which accompanies and adds colour to all the processions except those of the Great Power and the Way of the Cross.

Also, try to get up early enough to see the 5.00 am Goof Friday procession of Jesus from Nazareth and the Virgin of Dolores from their hermitage. In the Fair, you are advised to carry an umbrella, because they will pour water on you from the balconies in time with the drum and cornet band. Moreover, whatever you do, don’t leave without trying the superb olive oil.