One of the best ways to get to know this town is to wander through its nooks and corners sampling the Tapas. Its Holy week which has been declared of National Tourist Interest in Andalucia, is notable for the great attachment which the population feels for it and the cultural traditions it displays the most unusual being the rivalry between the two brotherhoods, Santa Vera Cruz and nuestro Padre Jesus a rivalry that two years ago was translated into the so-called War of the Bands.

Setenil offers a wide assortment of rural houses and farms for relaxation.

Setenil was one of the most costly conquests for the Christian troop. They were able to take all the surrounding fortresses but not this one. Seven times they tried and seven times had to give up the idea, which is how it got the name “September nihil”.

The wine business arrived later, although today there are only private wineries. Setenil sits on the Route of the White villages and its distinctive beauty is surprising since most of the houses are dug into a mountain and for roofs have the mountain rock itself.