Housed in the Palace of Carlos V, within the Alhambra, this museum contains outstanding Hispano-Moorish works of art from the 9th to the 16th centuries, including ceramics, wood, plaster, and metals.
Open: Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 2:30pm
Telephone: 958 22 62 79

This museum preserves important works of art starting from the 16th century, including pieces by Alonso Cano and Machuca. Especially noteworthy is the sculpture El Entierro de Cristo (The Burial of Christ) by Jacobo Florentino. Other art objects from former convents and churches in Granada can also be admired
Open: Summer (April through Sept.: Tuesday 2:30pm to 7:45pm. Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 7:45pm. Sunday 9am to 2pm. Winter (Oct. through March): Tuesday 2:30pm to 6pm. Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. Sunday 9am to 2pm.
Telephone: 958 22 48 43

This museum houses important works of great historical and artistic value, including the crown and scepter of Queen Isabella and a priceless collection of panels from the Flemish School, a gift from the Queen to Granada.
Open: 10am to 1pm and 3:30pm to 6pm. From April to Sept. afternoon hours are 4 to 7pm.
Telephone: 958 22 92 39

A collection of decorative arts, important archeological artifacts, and some works by the Granada-born painter José María Rodríguez-Acosta are on display.
Callejón del Niño del Royo, Microbus-Alhambra.
Advanced booking for visits is necessary. Open: 10am to 1:30pm.
Telephone: 958 22 74 97

A collection of artifacts from prehistoric to Tartessian, Phoenician and Iberian cultures.
Carrera del Darro, 41.
Open: Tuesday 3pm to 8pm, Wednesday to Saturday 9am to 8pm, Sunday 9am to 2:30pm.
Telephone: 958 22 56 40

Other museums

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Museo Manuel de Falla 958 229 421
Casa la Cultura Pampaneira 958 763 300
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