The handicrfts of La Rambla are seen in the form of clay that the potter moulds to turn into genuine works of art. In the municipally there are still several operating Moorish ovens, producing traditional handmade ceramics: pitchers with four spouts, flowerpots, jugs and the traditional La Rambla botijos.

One of la Rambla´s most illustrious artist, Alfonso Ariza, was responsible for the foundation of a House Museum with a permanent exhibition of the ethnographic treasure accumulated through the ancestral use of this material.

To finance this legendary tradition each year a sculpture scholarship is awarded, although it would be hard for this town to forget such a legacy of handiwork since there is nothing to be seen but clay in its streets: that of the hundred pottery shops that produce the best figures one could image.

Attend its annual Pottery and Ceramics Exposition and you will be amazed at the transformation of the neighbourhood.