The pottery of this region has its origin in ancient times strange pottery pieces are made, like a sort of jug with 4 beaks or openings, called the “Four-Break Jug” (“Jarra de Cuatro Picos”). It has got a round shape, like a ballon with a thin waist and a long neck. On top it has got four “beaks” or “openings” in order to drink out of it.

Among this pottery or ceramics handicraft you can also find a sort of jug called the “Tricky Jug” (“Jarra Trampa”). This jug has got a trick, as it has five “false openings”. If you try to drink out of it, you will spill al the water. If you like, you can visit several pottery shops and their handicrafts contacting the Tourist Information Office:

Plaza Mayor,
Phone number:
34 950 30 31 42.
Fax number:
34 950 39 31 44.