Within the gastronomy of Priego, outstanding examples of a very ancient tradition are conserved.

One of the most ancient is the Relleno de Carnaval, a carefully-made mixture of meats served as a cold lunch.

Various products derive from the annual slaughter of the pigs, notably the “morcilla de sesos” a white pudding containing the brain of the pig, the “asientos de lomo” saddle of pork, or the “chicharrones” (fried pig’s brain) with which the delicious “bollos de manteca” or lard buns are prepared.

As for the confectioner’s shop, the cake ‘par excellence’ is the “Cuajado de Almendra” or (almond cream) as well as “El Piñonate” (candied pineapple), “Palillos de Leche” (milk sticks), “Dulce de Membrillo”(quince jelly), “Mostachos” (a moustache-shaped cake made of sponge and eaten at Easter), and “Polvorón de Almendra” (almond cake) etc, etc.