Huéscar is between Granada and Murcia at more than 100km from the town of Granada it has been restored a flour mill dating from the beginning of the 20th century to accommodate people, right in the heart of nature.

Although it was founded by the Arabs as an important war enclave, the land was first occupied by Roman towns. Huescar was a frontier between the kingdom of Granada and Castile.

Its excellent geographical conditions, the abundance of water and the fact that the town was an important war enclave resulted in the Arabs making a fortress though before the Reconquest it was an Arab fortress lying among Tiendas street, Alhóndiga street, Moreria street and Nueva street. It had three doors – Sol, Castril and Cava. There was also a mosque on which Santiago church was built later on after the Reconquest, the town expanded – Nueva street, Arrabal square (currently Mayor square), San Cristóbal street, Mayor street, etc.