Antequera, el Torcal route

LOCATION: Torcal de Antequera- Antequera- Torcal- Rutas Pedestres.

TIME: More than five hours.

DESCRIPTION: We leave Antequera along the road nº 331 towards Villanueva de la Concepción. After driving for about 12 km. we drive around El Torcal de Antequera on its northeastern side, there is a track branching off to the reight which leads to the shelter Refugio de los Polvillares, which will be the starting point for several routes of interest throughout El Torcal area.
The view from El Torcal is very impressive and different from any other view we have seen before. Water and time have moulded the rock, which has a phantasmagoric appearance, surprising at every step.
The yellow route, an easy route to be walked through, goes on up to the Pilón del Fraile. The red route, more difficult and long, approaches the Chaparro chasm and then reaches the Puerto de la Chispa to subsequently make its way back to the shelter along Los Topaderos lane.