Castaño del Robledo is surrounded by a beautiful landscape typical for the mountains of Huelva , an exquisite village that has been declared a joint artistic and historical complex.

The travellers whose path leads him to this village will marvel at the grandeur of the Chestnut trees and once in the village at its unfinished sixteenth century church of Santiago el Mayor.

While exploring its white streets he will come upon houses that are more than four hundred years old and that reflect the splendour of this village’s past.

When the eighth of September arrives, the village plunges enthusiastically into the pilgrimage of La Reina de los ángeles, the patron saint of the neighbouring community of residents of Campofrío raise their Simpecado emblem and decorate their oxcarts to travel the road to the rock formation of Arias montaño, where the sanctuary of the Virgin is located.