Sierra de las nieves, Yunquera

LOCATION: Sierra de las Nieves. Yunquera- Los Enamorados peak.
TIME: Six hours.

DESCRIPTION: Leaving Yunquera towards El Burgo, after having passed a castle, we shall take the track wich branches off into two tracks that make their way to a forest of firs.

After a long slope upwards, we shall take the track to the right, wich soon turns into a lane that leads to a small hill, from where we can see another hill wich is called Barranco hill, downwards and a little bit parallel to the place where we are at that moment. We must make then our way to the aforementioned hill and climb it softly until reaching a plateau from where we can see the Peña de los Enamorados, to where we can accede by a road that goes on round it. Special outfit is needed in order to reach the top.