In El Viso del Alcor, flamenco is to be heard on every street corner and in every plaza. One of the greatest pleasures the traveller will experience in this village to wander its attractive streets, where steep ridges alternative with beautiful plazas where the fragrance of citrus blossoms will bewitch you. Aside from all this art, there is another born of the human voice. Alcor is synonymous with music. In March it celebrates the Exaltation of the Saeta Fiesta, and beginning in June starts of flamenco compete in the flamenco promotional club of el rincón del Pinar to participate in the finals of the Cante Grande Flamenco festival, which is held in July. If you want still more art, don’t miss the parade of floats, decorated in the purest Andalusia style and accompanied by riders on beautiful horses and a multitude of pilgrims, during the Santa María del alcor pilgrimage, a fiesta that has been declared of tourist interest.