Niebla village has about two kilometres of city walls that completely encircle the town and numerous towers and five main gates.

It is a genuine work of Almoravid art that in its interior guards a Christian castle, Los Gusmanez, which nearly every month hosts music theatre and dance festivals.

In June the castle will be the stage of the Medieval Beer Festival, whose purpose is to explain to visitors within a medieval environment the history of this beverage and the changes it has gone through.

With your admission to the castle you will be given, in addition to a beer a half-litre ceramic pitcher and you may visit the theme galleries of the castle and well as take part in various competitions.

In the summer months, the castle’s ancient Arab alcazaba hosts both the marvellous Theatre and Dance Festival and the Veladas de Andalusia which recreated by means of dinners with Al Andalus music dance and theatre the Islamic culture that dominated the Peninsular for eight centuries