The town of Baza is more than 100km from the coty of Granada. Its name came from the primitive Iberian and Roman Basti called Batza by the Muslims and here you can find a rich monumental heritage left by the different cultures who have inhabited it throughout history like: Alcazaba remains, 12th century; Arab baths of the Jewish quarter, 12th century and Caños Dorados fountain ,18th century.

Between Baza and Castril, you will find a karstic landscape scattered with dave dwellings in Benamaurel, where the blue waters of the dam of Negratín contrast with the ochre tones of the earth.

In Castril you can see white houses perched on a massive rock with the remains of the Islamic castle at the top. It is the gate to the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Castril, which boasts the Cueva de Don Fernando, the longest and deepest cave in the province of Granada.