Parque Ramón Castillón Pérez s/n – Almería
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From its ideal location at the top of the hill, the Aalcazaba overlooks Almería and the bay. Abd-er-Rahmán III had the fortress built in the 10C to defend the town.
Normal:09:30 – 18:30
* April – October:09:30 – 20:30

Plaza de la Catedral s/n – Almería
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It was built in the 16C on the site of a former mosque. The frequent attacks by Berber pirates explain its fortress-like look, creneled towers and fortified walls. On the side, enter the main gate, a large 17C tower housing the bells and ending in a small
Normal:10:00 – 17:00
* Saturdays 10am-1pm

Puerta de Purchena
This square is the nerve centre of the town. Most of the family homes date back to the 19C.

Puerta de la Ciudad
Plaza de las Flores s/n – Mojácar
From Plaza del Ayuntamiento, a street leads to this 15C gate in the old wall, that opens up onto the charming Plaza de las Flores

Parroquia de la Encarnación
Plaza de la Encarnación s/n – Vélez Rubio
This monumental building was erected in the 18C on the request of the 10th marquis of the Vélez. Fine baroque stone portal.
Normal:17:00 – 20:00