Guadix is located 59km from Granada´s town.

In the late times was known as Acci, Colonia lulia Gemella Acci. Its current name comes form the Arabic Guad-Haix, which means “river of life”.

During the 15th century it was the court of El Zagal and now is a monumental town with buildings such as the Alcazaba or fortress and the Cathedral, which is a fusion of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. The view from the Mirador de la Magdalena is splendid.

The Alcazaba or fortress has been declared a national monument and dates from the times of the Caliphate. It was a fortress and a palace, and its towers show a paronamic view of the town and its fertile plain.

The Cathedral was builton the grounds of the Great Mosque. Its construction started in the 16th century. The interior is of Renaissance style and was finished in Baroque style. Its main façade recalls the style of Boromini, and its impressive tower overlooks the town.

The 17th century town hall or Balcón de los Corregidores is one of the most beautiful places in the Plaza de la Constitución, a square with arcades which illustrates the style of the Christians who came to settle in the area after the reconquest.