The Alcazar
It is from here that you will have the most beautiful view of the Cathedral.. The Alcázar belongs to the fortified 4000m long surrounding wall erected by the Almohades in the 12C, the remains of which are still visible in the streets.

Casa Domecq
This elegant late XVIII building is typical of the Baroque palaces of Jerez. Interesting especially the highly decorated marble doorway.

Its Renaissance façade has, as the main elements of its decoration, grotesques and cupids alongside Hercules and Julius Caesar and flanked by the Cardinal Virtues.

La Cartuja
The Charterhouse was founded in 1477. The Greek-Roman style portal is by Andrés de Ribera. The flamboyant gothic church has a highly decorated baroque facade.

Palace of the Marquis of Bertemati
The façade of the palace is one of the most amazing in Jerez. There are 2 doorways, the one on the left is in two parts separated by a fine wrought-iron balcony on which the letters of the name Dávila appear.