The village of Moguer offers the chance to declaim like Juan Ramón Jimenez or dream about conquering America as Christopher Columbus did.

It also has breathtaking monuments such as the majestic Santa Clara Convent, which was declared a National Monument in 1931 and if you go inside it you will be amazed by its beautiful fourteenth century cloister, which houses the Diocese Museum of Sacred Art. Equally beautiful is the Montemayor Hermitage, where the pilgrimage in honour of the patron saint if the city is held, a fiesta you must not miss if you want to enjoy three jubilant and uproarious nights beneath a blanket of stars.

The sixteenth of March is altogether different, on that date the Columbine Vow of Santa Clara is commemorated.

In a hushed setting the ship diary of Admiral Columbus is read, transporting one back to the Moguer of the fifteenth century. And on this trip don’t forget to visit the Juan Ramón Jimenez House Museum or the Fuentepiña country house under whose huge pine platero lies buried.