Villamanrique is situated between Huelva and the southwest of the city of Seville and is one of the natural gateways to the doñana National Park.

In this beautiful village you can visit the lovely parish church of Santa maria Magdalena, the attractive palace of los Infantes de Orleans y Borbón and monuments of ancestral distinction such as the Cabildo and the convent of Las Hermanad de la Cruz, founded by Sister Angela in 1928.

What will most draw the traveller’s attention though is the International Carters and Ox Teams Championship a tradition that has been maintained down through the year and that you will enjoy seeing while attending the Official Commercial Display Fair of Andalusia on Handicrafts and Traditions of the Doñana.

Another notable spectacle is the passage of the brotherhoods on the road to El rocío, which has become a fiesta of National tourist Interest in Andalusia. In May you can see how the village of villamanrique receives with pilgrim jubilation, before the doors of its parish church. The numerous brotherhoods that are making their way to the community of El Rocío Andalusia.