You will find Priego de Còrdoba located in the Cordoban Natural Park of the Subbética, where its special geology and abundance of water have created a natural beauty, surprising in the variety it offers. The municipal area is not limited to one urban nucleus, but, on the contrary, the countryside is dotted with small villages which give the area a special kind of picturesque beauty.

Here we can find something to delight all travellers. The remote past has bequeathed us, amongst the bends in the road and caves, memorable stories. So, in Zagrilla we find “La Cueva de Cholones”, (The Cave of the Cholones), and Palaeolithic architectural structures (dolmen): The Cave of the Morrión (on the peak known as Hornecero) in Las Lagunillas; in the Azores, the Cave of the Murcielaguina and in La Concepción the Cave of Marble (from the Neolithic age): all of this thanks to the limestone shapes of the Subbética Mountains. Strolling through these same places we are likely to stumble across the ibero-roman settlement at Solvito and a Moorish necropolis (Zagrilla), which on windy days whisper secrets.