The city sits at the foot of a hill dotted with adobe houses enclosed by white walls. A walk through its cobbled streets will lead the traveller to the castle that preserves the Tower of Homage. Next to the tower is the Mayor Dolor Church, the oldest and most beloved of Aracena with three naves in which Gothic, Mudejar and neoclassic styles merge.

Aracena´s festivities schedule though is even more heterogeneous for almost any traveller that happens upon this town will find some fiesta to entertain him, besides having the chance to explore the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Park. In February disguises take over the streets for a week to celebrate the Carnival in late March aracena displays its brotherhood fervour with its splendid Holy Week.

If you prefer to wait a while longer you will witness the “children’s Holy Week” a cultural display where the little ones prepare the stages and carry them with the same solemnity as their elders. In May the livestock raisers display their stock at the fairgrounds and in July the Ancient Music Performance await the traveller. After that you must see the Great Fair.