In Priego de Córdoba, art will immediately strike the visitor. A remarkable past has left such magnificent marks that the visitor passes through history just by walking through the streets and discovering monuments. Let’s walk on then…

In the medieval-muslim period, the district called the Villa was built, the original urban nucleus of the Priego of today. White streets, narrow and sinewy, full of flowers, all in perfect harmony take us back to the tranquillity of another epoch. It has been officially declared of Historic-Artistic interest.

In this district, the Adarve is a natural view-point open to the Andaluz countryside. This uneven cliff has guaranteed the security of Priego throughout its history.

The castle, an arab fort of essentially military character was altered somewhat in the 13th and 14th centuries. Its Torre de Homenaje (Tower of Homage) is a monument officially designated as being of Historic-Artistic interest and what is more, is one of the best preserved in Europe.