A broad meander of the guadalquivir river hems the golden hill scaled by steep streets with their white houses, watched over from above by the massive reddish tower of San Bartolomé.

Next to the parish church is the Town Hall a ducal palace from the sixteenth century with a noble façade, and by a connecting arch one enters the little plaza of Jesús nazareno, where is found the chapel of san Juan de Letrán not far from Las Tercias, an eighteenth century building renovated as the seat of the future Olive oil Museum.

Montoro combines its monuments with the beauty of ots steep narrow, uneven white streets, where you will see house fronts adorned with flowers in the purest Andalusian style. It is beautiful to witness Holy week on such a stage, which has been designed as of National Tourist interest. On the evening of Holy Thursday in El Charco the popular Roman Empire, composed of 300 members, carries out the Arrest of the Lord of Humility, but the procession that arouses most interest is that of jesus of Nazareth, which starts at two in the morning and whose climatic moment is the Passage Sermon in the Plaza de España.