This region in southern Spain boasts some of the best conditions for a range of adventure sports holidays. For a relatively small area, Andalucía is incredibly diverse in climate, terrain and scenery. The region boasts sea, hills, mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, steep cliffs, and hundreds of sunny days.

June through September sees hot sunbathing weather almost every day, with highs of 35C. Contrastingly, Andalucía also happens to be home to the most southern ski resort in Europe, on the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This unusually warm destination has a number of varying difficulty runs to satisfy all levels of skiers, with the season at its best from the end of November through April.

The rocky terrain and expansive moonscapes also make this region ideal for hiking. Andalucía is covered with Vias Pecuarias – a network of mountain trails used in prior times by native people to transport livestock. For those that shy away from the bustle of the coastal lifestyle, these paths are a tranquil and unique national treasure. Those hunting for a bigger thrill can try mountaineering, rock climbing or caving. All of these adventure activities are popular in this part of Spain; it’s a region with some of the best conditions in Europe, outside the Alps.

There are several challenging rock faces, particularly around the El Chorro area, near Alora. Mountain biking is a popular competitive sport in this part of the world – not surprising considering the wealth of challenging peaks and winding valley roads.

Thanks to its combination of coastline, and lakes and reservoirs, Andalucía is favoured by watersports fans The sailing tradition of the region, as well as the warm climate and crystal waters, make the coast a popular place for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sub-aquatic sports. Tarifa, in the Cadiz province, is a world-class wind and kite surfing location, thanks to its strong winds and fantastic summer ambience.

From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the 836km of Andalucían coastline possess excellent conditions for rowing and canoeing, as well as snorkelling and diving – it’s one of the best adventure sports holidays destinations in Europe!.